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Why apply for a Trade Mark Registration?

The value of a business is inherently tied up in its brand, which can include words (such as names or slogans) or images (such as logos). Businesses can spend considerable sums of money in developing their brand, slogans, and logos, and as a business grows and develops, its brand becomes even more important and valuable. Businesses can take proactive steps to protect key elements of their brand by applying for trade mark registration.

The UK does not have strict requirements when it comes to trade mark registrations, but without one, your ability to prevent its illicit use by a third party may be restricted. A registered trade mark stops unauthorised parties from using those words or images in relation to similar or identical products or services.

By registering a trade mark, you can avoid confusion between yourself and another business, and you can help to prevent this from causing damage to the reputation of your brand. It will allow you to take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without permission, including counterfeiters, and entitles you to use the registered trademark symbol ‘®’ next to your brand. Our Watford trade mark solicitors can ensure that your application proceeds smoothly and is handled efficiently.

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Our Expertise

We will provide early advice on options for proceeding and advisability on making an application. Once you decide to proceed, we will also ensure that all legal formalities are properly complied with when it comes to preparing and submitting your application.

We will also act on your behalf in circumstances where third parties may seek to oppose or otherwise make representations against your application. We will also liaise with the UK Intellectual Property Office on your behalf throughout the application process.

Our trade mark registration solicitors will be on your side every step of the way to ensure you get the right outcome as efficiently and easily as possible.

Where we can help

We can assist you with trade mark applications in the UK, EU, Worldwide, or in specific jurisdictions. Please speak to us about your specific requirements.

We can also assist with a variety of other matters to do with protection of trade marks, including:

  • Trade mark searches
  • Trade mark applications, UK, EU, Worldwide
  • Opposition legal support and representation
  • Infringement action
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mediation
  • Without prejudice negotiations

Why choose Valens Solicitors?

We recognise that all our clients are unique, and that they have varying requirements and objectives. We focus on our clients and if you instruct us, we will be on your side. We will work with you when you have challenges and help you overcome them in an efficient and cost effective manner.

To take advantage of our extensive legal expertise, please get in touch with our trade mark solicitors today on 020 3368 3970 or click below to book a free, no-obligation consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a registered trade mark protect?

A registered trade mark essentially protects the unauthorised use by third parties in the area of registration of the intellectual property which is subject to protection by registration. This could for example be a brand name or logo.

Is my brand eligible for a trade mark registration?

Your trade mark can include logos, sounds, words and colours and must be unique to your business. It cannot be offensive or misleading and cannot describe the services themselves as this would seek to prevent anyone else in the same field from advertising the services.

You cannot trade mark a 3-D shape and your mark cannot be too similar to any State symbols, hallmarks and flags.

You will also not be permitted to trade mark anything considered to be common or vague. Our Watford trade mark registration solicitors can advise you as to whether what you are seeking registration protection (e.g. your brand name) is eligible for application for trademark registration.

Before making an application, it would be necessary to ensure that what you are seeking to register as a trade mark is not already registered. We can perform searches of the UK trade mark database for similar marks. If similar marks are found then the trade mark owner would need to consent to you registering yours.

Will my registered trademark provide protection across the world?

A UK trade mark will only offer protection in the UK. It does not prevent a third party from using your trade mark in another country. It is possible to apply for trade mark registration in other countries and jurisdictions, but this can be an expensive process and should only be considered if you believe that this might pose a genuine and material threat to your business.

Our trade mark registration solicitors in Watford can help you to identify which territories you should apply for a trade mark within, and advise you on risks and options.

What is involved in the trade mark application process?

Before applying for a trade mark registration, you will need to decide on classes of goods and services in respect of which you would like your trade mark to be registered. We can advise you of the various trade mark classifications that are available, and assist you in deciding which classifications you may want to apply under.

We will then undertake searches of the UK trade mark register to identify whether there are any existing trade marks that may be similar to those that you are seeking to register.  We would report to you on our findings, and you would then be able to decide whether you wished to proceed with an application, and if so, under what classifications. You may also at that stage, decide that you will make alterations in the mark (e.g. to a logo) that you are seeking to register so that it is less similar to a registered trade mark.

Once your application is submitted, it will be examined by the UK IPO, who will issue a report advising of any conflicts such as similar trade marks they may have identified. They would notify relevant third parties and avail them an opportunity to file an opposition. If no conflicts are found, no opposition is made, if an opposition is successfully opposed or agreement reached with a third party, then your trade mark is then likely to be registered.

How long does the trade mark application process take?

The length of the trade mark registration process can vary, but if your application meets the legal requirements without opposition, then a registration certificate can be issued by the UK IPO within four or five months. Our trade mark registration services have been designed to minimise delays.

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