Liquor licensing applications are a success

Our client had acquired a food store, which sold alcohol. He required assistance in transferring the premises licence from the existing premises licence holder to him, and also wished to vary the premises licence so he would be named as the new designated premises supervisor.

  • Liquor licensing applications are a success

    We advised our client as to the procedures, time frames, and costs, including licensing fees that were involved in respect of each application. We then prepared the necessary applications, and liaised with our client and the existing premises licence holder to facilitate signature of all required documents.

    As our client did not have a personal licence, we advised him that he would need to apply for one before he could be names as a designated premises supervisor. We assisted our client in satisfying the application requirements. This included arranging for our client to take an accredited licencing course, which our client successfully completed, and in respect of which he achieved an Award for Personal Licence Holders.

    Once all application documentation had been collated, we submitted all the applications to the licensing authorities, and they were all granted. Our client is now the premises licence holder and the designated premises supervisor in respect of his food store.

    Licensing CHANDER BAGGA

    Our client successfully applied for a transfer of a premises licence, a variation of the premises licence to be named as the new designated premises supervisor, and a new personal licence.

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