Landlord and Tenant

If you’re struggling to see eye to eye with your landlord or property tenant, contact Valens. Our solicitors can help you iron out any issues relating to your lease, clarify the terms of your tenancy, and explain your rights and obligations.  If it comes to legal action, we will support you every step of the way.

  • Advice on Leases

    Advice on Leases

    Our specialist landlord and tenant solicitors have a wealth of experience in negotiating and preparing lease terms.  Take advantage of our legal expertise to clarify and protect your legal position.

    Where we help

    • Terms of the Lease
    • Break clauses
    • Alterations
    • Assignment
    • Subletting or Licences
    • Repair issues, including dilapidations
    • Insurance issues
    • Security/ covenant strength
    • Landlord & Tenant 1954 Act advice
  • Disputes with a Landlord, Other Tenants or a Management Company

    Disputes with a Landlord, Other Tenants or a Management Company

    You can trust our team to work in your best interest to try and settle your dispute quickly, with minimum of fuss, and seek the best possible outcome for you, even if the situation has escalated.

    Where we help

    • Advice on legal rights
    • Commencement or defence of Claims
    • Representation in claims
    • Representation at Court
    • Procedural guidance
  • Lease Extensions or Acquiring a Share of the Freehold

    Lease Extensions or Acquiring a Share of the Freehold

    Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can assist you with extending your lease or purchasing a share in the freehold of the property either under a statutory right or by agreement.  

    Where we help

    • Advising on entitlement
    • Liaising with your surveyor
    • Preparing for your Application
    • Serving the necessary statutory notices
    • Liaising with freehold or tenant’s solicitors
    • Dealing with legal process of the Lease
    • Making an Application to the Tribunal
    • Representing you at the Tribunal
  • Lease Variations

    Lease Variations

    If you want to try and agree a variation of your lease, then we can provide you with advice as to whether this may be possible, the options available to you, and how to go about it.  We are experienced in providing the necessary legal assistance you will require.

    Where we help

    • Liaising with Landlord or Tenant’s Solicitors
    • Preparing a Deed of Variation
    • Negotiating a Deed of Variation
    • Making an Application to First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) (FTT)
    • Representing you at the FTT

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