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We help our clients navigate the dynamic field of business law.  Whether you are looking to set-up a new business, are a start-up, or an established business, we can provide valuable legal advice and support.   Browse our full suite of corporate legal services here, or contact us for more information.

Commercial Finance

When it comes to transactions involving commercial finance, whether secured or unsecured, and whether you are a lender, a borrower, or a guarantor, take advantage of our extensive legal expertise. A knowledgeable and experienced solicitor can be of critical importance in such transactions, which can sometimes be complex, multi-faceted, and time sensitive. We know what needs to be done and how to do it, and we will support you each step of the way.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution, and Insolvency

If you are involved in a dispute, facing a Court claim or insolvency, or need to take any legal action, call on us.  We will provide clear legal advice and expert legal support. Valens can assist with civil and commercial litigation disputes, mediation, ADR, and insolvency cases, including bankruptcy.


Our licensing team have a thorough understanding of the licensed trade and can advise on all aspects of the Licensing Act 2003. We’ll assist you in applications for new licences, variations to existing licences, with appeals, and enforcement matters.  

Intellectual Property, Media and Technology

Our expert intellectual property, media, and tech team can advise on protecting and exploiting your business brands and IP rights, from applying for registrations, negotiation of contracts; media contracts and arrangements; and tech-based projects.  With the huge rise in online business opportunities, talk to us to discuss preparation of key legal documents to enable you to build and develop and online business and third-party relationships.

Employment & HR

Valens offers expert legal advice on all aspects of employment law to businesses to assist business owners in complying with their statutory and legal requirements.

Corporate Immigration

We’ll help you navigate any and all corporate immigration procedures, from carrying out eligibility assessments to applying for visas and sponsorship licences.

Corporate & Commercial

Grow your business lawfully and strategically with tailored commercial legal advice from our corporate solicitors.

Commercial Transactions

Valens can provide specialist advice if you are contemplating or engaged in commercial transactions.  This can involve the sale of goods, whether in the real world or online, import/export, asset transfers, and the sale or purchase of businesses, including by way of share transfers.  Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We can guide you through a complex yet often rewarding process, and provide critical and timely legal input.

Commercial Property

Rely on us to take care of all the legal aspects of financing or managing your commercial property. We have extensive experience in acting for landlords, tenants, agents, developers and lenders.  

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