Employment & HR

Valens offers expert legal advice on all aspects of employment law to businesses to assist business owners in complying with their statutory and legal requirements.

  • Employment Contracts

    Employment Contracts

    Ensure that there is certainty in the terms of employment by instructing us to create employment contracts that are clear, easy to follow, and legally binding.

    Where we help

    • Consultants
    • Contractors
    • Directors Service Agreements
    • Employed workers
    • Self-employed workers
    • Temporary staff
    • Zero Hours Contracts
  • Employment Claims

    Employment Claims

    Clarify your legal position and take advice on defending or pursuing an employment claim with the support of our specialist employment and HR solicitors.

    Where we help

    • Discrimination Claims
    • Tribunal Claims
    • Unfair Dismissal
    • Wrongful Dismissal
    • Settlement Agreements
    • Enforcements of Injunctions for breach of restrictions
  • Employee Share Schemes

    Employee Share Schemes

    Talk to us to see if an employee share option scheme or another incentivisation arrangement is a viable option for your business.

    Where we help

    • Advice on use and structuring of share schemes
    • Share scheme set up
    • Legal documentation preparation
    • Company share option plans
    • Long term incentive / performance share plans
    • Earn-outs
    • Legal Advisory service
  • Employment Policies and Procedures

    Employment Policies and Procedures

    We’ll set out your company policies and procedures in clear and concise terms to enable you to meet your statutory requirements and avoid uncertainty, particularly in disciplinary and grievance matters, and reduce the risk of costly claims or legal disputes further down the track.  

    Where we help

    • Legal advice on HR issues
    • Staff Handbook for your business
    • Best use of policies and Staff Handbook
    • Advise on implementation and updating Staff Handbook
    • Protection of employees personal data/GDPR
    • Grievances and Disciplinary action
    • Hearings and Appeals procedures
  • Maternity and Paternity

    Maternity and Paternity

    Know your obligations as an employer when it comes to maternity and paternity leave for your staff and talk to us about putting in place bespoke policies to suit your requirements.

    Where we help

    • Advice on maternity and paternity leave entitlements
    • Eligibility criteria assessments
    • Contract and policy reviews
    • Advice on notifications requirements
    • Maternity pay obligations
    • Advice on ongoing obligations of employer
    • Return to work arrangements
  • Redundancy


    Make sure you’re following legitimate redundancy procedures by taking advice from our employment law team.

    Where we help

    • Advice on redundancy obligations
    • Redundancy pay calculations
    • Notice requirements
    • Dismissing fairly for redundancy
    • Advice on employer conduct
    • Advice on consultation meetings
    • Offers of alternative employment
    • Management of the redundancy process
    • Legal Advisory service
  • Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation

    Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation

    We’ll guide you through the complex fields of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and avoiding claims of victimisation by giving direct advice and drafting clear Equality and Diversity Policies.

    Where we help

    • Advice on liability under the Equality Act 2010
    • Advice on liability for acts of employees
    • Preparation of up-to-date policies and procedures
    • Minimising possibility of discrimination and harassment in the work place
    • Advice regarding victimisation in the workplace
    • Advising on avoiding claims of discrimination, harassment, and victimisation
    • Defending claims
    • Negotiating with employees or their representatives  
    • Negotiating settlement/compromise agreements
  • Settlement Agreements

    Settlement Agreements

    We’ll help you negotiate acceptable terms with other parties and can provide you with confidential, independent legal advice.

    Where we help

    • Advice on legal rights and potential claims
    • Advice on offering an employee a Settlement Agreement
    • Advice on terms of a settlement agreement
    • Drafting  Settlement Agreements
    • Negotiating terms of settlement agreement
    • Advice on warranties and obligations
    • Negotiation of post-termination restrictive covenants
    • Mediation
    • Without prejudice negotiations
    • Advice on breaches of a settlement agreement
    • Finalising settlement agreements
  • TUPE Transfers

    TUPE Transfers

    Protect the best interests of your business and your employees in the face of any proposed changes to the business or its structure, or in commercial transactions involving a business sale.  

    Where we help

    • Advice on applicability of ‘TUPE’ to business
    • Advice on contracts and notification requirements
    • Advice on employer obligations under TUPE
    • Advice on claims for unfair dismissal
    • TUPE in practice in relation to asset sale transactions
    • Outsourcing agreements

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