If you’re experiencing problems at work or need advice on where you stand in terms of your employment, then contact Valens Solicitors for specialist employment law advice.

  • Employment Advice and Claims

    Employment Advice and Claims

    We provide expert guidance to employees on all aspects of employment law, whether to do with contractual matters, your rights, obligations, or claims.  We can provide clarity as to your legal position and support you going forward be that in agreeing a contract, reaching a mutual termination of employment, or bringing a claim against your employer.  

    Where we help

    • Discrimination
    • Disciplinary
    • Grievances
    • Maternity and Paternity Rights
    • Redundancy
    • Unfair Dismissal
    • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Employment Contracts

    Employment Contracts

    If you are unclear as to your statutory, contractual or civil rights and obligations under your existing employment contract, or are looking to agree one, then you can benefit from the valuable legal advice we can offer you.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

    Where we help

    • Agency Workers
    • Consultants
    • Contractors
    • Directors Service Agreements
    • Employed workers
    • Self-employed workers
    • Temporary staff
    • Zero Hours Contracts
  • Employee Share Schemes and Pension Schemes

    Employee Share Schemes and Pension Schemes

    Ask our team of employment law team to review and advise you on proposed legal terms of any share scheme, incentive arrangement, or pension scheme that has been offered to you by your employee.  We will point out any legal areas or issues that may be of concerns.

    Where we help

    • Advice regarding share schemes
    • Advice regarding pension schemes
    • Defined Benefit (DB) schemes
    • Defined Contribution (DC) schemes
    • Stakeholder pension schemes
    • Advice on auto-enrolment
  • Settlement Agreements

    Settlement Agreements

    We will carefully review in consultation with you any settlement agreement that you have been offered, and advise you as to the meaning and effect of its terms, and advise you of any terms that you should consider renegotiating and to improve any settlement offer made to you.

    Where we help

    • Advice on settlement agreements
    • Advise on legal rights and potential claims
    • Negotiating settlement agreement
    • Advice on warranties and obligations
    • Negotiation of post-termination restrictive covenants
    • Advice on mediation and ‘without prejudice’ rule
    • Advice on breaches of a settlement agreement
    • Finalising settlement agreements
  • TUPE


    Make sure your employer is complying with statutory requirements when it comes to the transfer or takeover of the employer’s business or any substantial changes that may affect you or your employment.

    Where we help

    • Advice on contracts and notifications
    • Advice on applicability of ‘TUPE’
    • Advice on your rights under TUPE
    • Advice on claims for unfair dismissal

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