Commercial Property

Rely on us to take care of all the legal aspects of financing or managing your commercial property. We have extensive experience in acting for landlords, tenants, agents, developers and lenders.  

  • Buying or Selling a Commercial Property

    Buying or Selling a Commercial Property

    Get clear guidance on the legal issues surrounding your transaction, and ensure the process is handled smoothly from start to finish.

    Where we help

    • Freehold
    • Leasehold
    • Warehouses
    • Commercial land
    • Restaurants
    • Shops
    • Offices
  • Leasehold Property

    Leasehold Property

    When it comes to commercial leases, whether you are looking to have one prepared, want to extend, renew, or vary one, or simply want a better understanding of your current position as a landlord or tenant, get in touch with us.  We can provide up-to-date expert legal advice and support throughout the whole process.

    Where we help

    • Dilapidations Claims
    • Forfeiture of a Lease
    • Granting a Lease
    • Guaranteeing Tenant’s Obligations in a Lease
    • Renewal of Business Tenancies
    • Rent Deposits
    • Security of Tenure
    • Service Charge Claims and Disputes
    • Surrendering a Lease
    • Varying a Lease
  • Lease variations or surrenders

    Lease variations or surrenders

    If you are looking to vary or surrender your commercial lease, then take early advice from us to confirm your rights, options available to you, and the process that may need to be followed.  We can also assist you in agreeing a deed of variation or a deed of surrender.

    • Liaising with Landlord or Tenant’s Solicitors
    • Deed of Variation
    • Deed of Surrender
    • Court Applications
    • Procedural guidance
    • Legal support and advice
  • Leases with security of tenure

    Leases with security of tenure

    Commercial leases may benefit from ‘security of tenure’ (essentially a right to a new lease at the end of the term), and if you want to take advantage of this as a tenant, or want to oppose a tenant’s renewal (as a landlord), we can provide clear legal advice to you on the various matters that you will need to consider and take account of.    If necessary, we can also assist you in making a claim to Court for a new lease and support you during the proceedings.

    Where we help

    • Legal advice on statutory and contractual rights
    • Liaising with Landlord or Tenant’s Solicitors
    • Preparation of Notice for new Lease
    • Response to opposing party’s Notice
    • Court Application for new lease
    • Legal negotiations
    • Mediation / ADR
    • Procedural guidance

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