Commercial Agreements

Relying on verbal agreements could be a recipe for disaster. Let us help you draft legally binding commercial contracts that will form the foundations of your future business relationships.

  • Agency and Distribution Agreements

    Agency and Distribution Agreements

    If you produce goods or services, you’ll need our help negotiating terms with your preferred agency or distributor.

    Where we help

    • Advice on terms
    • Head of terms negotiation
    • Agreement preparation
    • Agreement negotiation
    • Agency Agreements
    • Distribution Agreement
  • Commercial Contracts

    Commercial Contracts

    We’ll work with you in producing and negotiating clear, carefully considered commercial agreements with your suppliers, customers, and third-parties.

    Where we help

      • Supplier Agreements
      • Sale of Goods
      • Advice on terms
      • Heads of Terms negotiation
      • Terms and Conditions
      • Service Level Agreement
      • Supply of services agreement
      • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Franchising Contracts

    Franchising Contracts

    If you are looking to enter into a franchise agreement or simply want a better understanding of your current position as a franchiser or franchisee, then speak with us.  We are here to assist when it comes to providing relevant advice, drafting and negotiating suitable franchise agreements, and supporting you during the whole process.

    Where we help

    • Advice on Franchise Terms
    • Review of Franchise Agreement
    • Agreement negotiation
    • Collateral agreement negotiation
    • Legal support and guidance
  • Joint Venture Agreements

    Joint Venture Agreements

    Step confidently into your next business joint venture by working with our team to help you negotiate the best possible terms for the new arrangement.  We will assist you in identifying the risks and explain how you can minimise your risk if things turn bad.

    Where we help

    • Heads of Terms
    • SPV set up
    • JV agreement preparation
    • Agreement negotiation
    • Collateral JV document preparation
    • Secured financing aspects
    • Legal support and guidance
  • Shareholders Agreements

    Shareholders Agreements

    If you are or thinking of becoming a shareholder in a limited company, including as part of an expansion or investment into a company, then a shareholders agreement can assist in creating certainty between the shareholders.  It can act to reduce the risk of disputes arising. We can assist you in putting in place a suitable shareholders agreement.

    Where we help

    • Advice on existing Shareholders Agreement
    • Heads of Terms
    • Preparation of Shareholders Agreement
    • Review of Articles of Association
    • Amendment of Articles of Association
    • Board and Members Resolutions
    • Directors Service Agreement
    • Collateral legal documents
    • Legal support and procedural guidance
  • Partnership Agreements

    Partnership Agreements

    We’ll help you negotiate and finalise collaborative agreements to create certainty between you and your partners to minimise complications and disputes further down the line.  

    Where we help

    • Advice on existing Partnership Agreement
    • Advice on agreement options
    • Heads of Terms
    • LLP Partnership Agreement
    • Unincorporated partnership agreement
    • JV Agreement
    • Preparation of Partnership Agreement
    • Partner Service Agreement
    • Collateral legal document preparation
    • Ongoing legal support

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