Security taken by way of debenture

We were instructed on behalf of our client, a lending company, to assist our client in taking security for existing and future loan facilities from our client to a borrower, a limited company.

  • Security taken by way of debenture

    The security was to comprise a debenture to be granted by the borrower company in favour of our client over the present and future assets of the borrower company. In accordance with our client’s instructions, we prepared a form of debenture, and finalised this based on our client’s specific requirements. The debenture included a fixed charge over the borrower company’s property, a floating charge over the stock of the company, as well as charging other specific assets.

    We also prepared incidental security documentation, including letters of advice and company documents, and arranged for all the documents to be executed on behalf of the borrower company. The debenture was also then registered at Companies House against the borrower company.

    Commercial Finance CHANDER BAGGA

    Our client was able to gain security by way of a debenture for existing and future loan facilities

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