Shareholders Agreement

Our clients were all shareholders in an established and successful architectural design company. They had been in business together for many years, and whilst they were all on friendly terms, they wanted to have a shareholders agreement drawn up. They wanted to have their respective rights and obligations as shareholders clearly set out in a written agreement so as to reduce the risk of a dispute arising between themselves at a later date due to uncertainty. Our clients also wanted to have specific terms included setting out the actions that could, and should not, be taken without an agreed majority of the shareholders. They also required detailed provisions to be included as to how and on what basis future share transfers would be permitted and actioned

  • Shareholders Agreement

    We took detailed instructions from our clients and prepared a draft shareholders agreement for our clients’ input. We engaged in a review and re-draft process with our clients, fine-tuning the draft shareholders agreement to ensure that it fully met their requirements. Once our clients were satisfied with the content of the draft shareholders agreement, we prepared engrossments for signature by each client.

    As part of the process, we also reviewed the company’s articles of association, and advised on potential amendments that the clients may wish to make to the same so that the articles of association would correlate with the provisions that they would be agreeing in the shareholders agreement.

    The shareholders agreement was put into effect, and the articles of association were deemed acceptable.

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    The clients agreed a shareholders agreement and approved the articles of association

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